About Us

Pharmacy Benefit Management Services

It is the mission of National Script to provide competitive cost saving measures to clients through the pharmacy benefit. By customizing the services we provide to each of our clients we can contain pharmacy costs, while maintaining maximum provider and member compliance.

Our success is ensured by our commitment to making the pharmacy benefit program successful, not only through our pharmacy benefit management programs but through our client service team’s dedication to providing plan sponsors with ongoing consultation and feedback.

Mission Statement

Listen closely, sincerely care and resolve to be the solution.

National Script is a pharmacy benefit management company gaining recognition for competitive prescription discount arrangements, success in implementing winning solutions for clients and most of all the long standing reputation for providing a truly genuine customer service experience. National Script’s executive management team uses it’s nearly seventy years of industry experience to develop a straight-forward business model that focuses on delivering maximum value to the client.

It is becoming increasingly vital that clients fully understand their prescription drug pricing structure and how traditional PBM’s develop and execute their pricing methodology. Unfortunately, removing the complexity of PBM pricing structures to uncover exactly what the client is being charged has not coincided with many traditional PBM providers. National Script has developed a business model that focuses on removing the veil of secrecy around PBM pricing and offering a straight forward plan that brings value, cost control and improved quality of care to our clients and their members.

National Script offers a full line of services to self-insured and insured clients, brokers and consultants, third party administrators (TPAs), insurance companies and HMOs.

National Script’s complete range of innovative pharmaceutical, clinical and administrative programs and services include:

Premium Customer Service  

Knowing that challenges can arise as prescription claims are processed, National Script has made a commitment to solve real problems in real time with real people; members are not met with a never-ending maze of teleprompter options in search of a live customer service representative.

Member Communications and Forums

Comprehensive Pharmacy Network
National Script has contracted with over 50,000 independently owned and nationally recognized pharmacies to assure member satisfaction. Our pharmacy network does not exclude any Chain or Independent capable of meeting our selection standards.

Claims Processing

The point-of-service processing system interfaces seamlessly with contracted retail, mail order and specialty pharmacies adjudicates claims real time and integrates all drug utilization data for reporting purposes.

Clinical Solutions and Utilization Management

National Script provides a proactive and interactive approach to medication therapy management. From inception, plan design consultation and recommendation to include prospective programs, affords our clients the piece of mind that members are under a watchful eye, without compromising the prescribing physician.

Formulary and Rebate Administration

National Script has been able to combine economies of scale and ability to move market share into a highly successful rebate program by joining forces with leading Managed Care Organizations. Our philosophy continues to be providing the lowest cost to our client considering all factors; drug cost, clinical efficacy and then potential rebates in developing our formulary. National Script does not pursue rebates at the expense of the overall cost of the plan. Generic drugs will always be first line of therapy when available.

Comprehensive Reporting

National Script’s easy to understand reporting can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. Our reports are used as a dynamic tool to evaluate and adjust plan parameters to meet both cost and quality considerations.

Dedicated Account Management and Implementation Team

At the cornerstone of the National Script Pharmacy Program is the relationship between the Client and their dedicated Account Manager. Our Account Managers are trained in all phases of Pharmacy Programs. They are experienced and dedicated personal who work closely with each client to assure 100% satisfaction.

Integrated Mail Service and Specialty Drug Providers

National Script offers an integrated program that combines retail, mail and specialty drug services in one program to add convenience to members on long term or specialty medications.

Plan Design Expertise/ Benefit Modeling

Patient satisfaction starts with the plan design. National Script utilizes a variety of financial modeling tools to assure your plan meets your medical and financial goals. National Script can administer the most complicated of plan designs ranging from the basic Brand/Generic copay to a three-tiered formulary with deductibles and maximums, and considerations for government regulations. This includes integration with any Third Party Administrator.